Boat trip along the Danube with fishing and picnic included

General information

We will take you and introduce you to the Nikopol’s islands, part of Persina Nature Park. Here nature still rules, without often feeling the heavy hand of human civilization. The unique flora and idyllic beaches resound with songbirds while the Danube brings peace and timelessness. We will tell you about the profession of the Danube fisherman – from the past when our ancestors fished in the enclosures of Caraboaz wetland to the present day. We will show you how to fish with a fishing net, and then we will settle on the river bank to treat you with fresh Danube fish on a skewer and other specialties (to be specified during the reservation).

  • Price
    The capacity of the boats is 4 passengers. The price depends on what kind of picnic you want.
  • Payment method
    On-site in cash or by bank transfer after specifying the details
  • Time of departure
    Fully depends on your requirements
  • Tour duration:
    5 hrs
  • Clothing
    Wear clothing tailored to the season and the forecast. In cold and windy weather, we recommend wearing warm clothes, but also a raincoat (sometimes the wind can blow water splashes caused by the boiling water from the boat). It is usually cooler on the river compared to the weather on the land. There is also a current created when the boat moves. Especially in cold weather, it is highly recommended to have a windbreaker, a hat, and a scarf in addition to the warm clothes.
  • The tour package includes:
    – fishing boat trip (rent and fuel consumption)
    – Talks from a local fisherman who is also a legitimate captain
    – medical insurance for the seats in the boat
    – life jacket rental
    – food and drinks (by prior arrangement)
    – demonstration of net fishing
  • The tour price does not include:

    – personal expenses

    – tip (according to your consideration)

  • Useful information
    Bring along insect repellent


At the beach of Nikopol (there are convenient parking lots nearby), we will give you a short safety briefing. Then we all board on the boats and head along the Danube. Each of the Nikopol Islands has its own look and unique history, which we will be happy to present to you. We will stop at a “tonia” – a place in the river with a clean riverbed intended for commercial fishing. There we will show you the technique for setting nets and with some luck, we will be catching fish with you.

After the boat trip and the demonstration of fishing, we will stop at a quiet place, where in front of you we will make some fish specialties to which we will add cheerful stories and local beverages.

Return to the town of Nikopol with a stop on the shore in front of the rock church “St. Stefan” that is hewn into the picturesque white limestones of the Nikopol plateau.


The boat trip begins and ends on the beach of Nikopol – a convenient place to board our boats. There is a parking lot nearby, and in the summer there is a working fast food restaurant.