Danube Boat Trip and Picnic

General information

Boat fishing on the Danube has a long-standing tradition. We will focus on them as we take you by boat to the Nikopol Islands – our favorite place for fishing and recreation. We will tour the islands, and under suitable conditions, we can go down and walk on one of them. Once we fully enjoyed with our eyes the exceptionally beautiful views along the way, it will be time to pay attention to our taste buds. In front of you we will have a picnic and cook fresh fish according to an old and established recipe. For garnish, we can add local products grown in our gardens.

  • Price
    60 lv/ vessel (the boat has a carrying capacity of 4 passengers)
  • Payment method
  • Time of departure
    Fully depends on your requirements
  • Tour duration:
    3-3.5 hrs
  • Clothing
    Wear clothing tailored to the season and the forecast. In cold and windy weather, we recommend wearing warm clothes, but also a raincoat (sometimes the wind can blow water splashes caused by the boat movement).. It is usually cooler on the river compared to the weather on the land. Kindly note that a current is created when the boat moves. Especially in cold or windy weather, it is highly recommended to have a windbreaker, a hat, and a scarf in addition to warm clothes.
  • The tour package includes:
    – tour with a motor fishing boat trip (captain, rent, and fuel consumption)
    – Guiding services by a local captain-fisherman.
    – medical insurance for the seats in the boat
    – life jacket rental
    – demonstration of fishing with a net
  • The tour price does not include:

    – food and drinks (you can buy the caught fish at a preferential price)
    – personal expenses
    – tips (according to your consideration)

  • Useful information
    Bring along insect repellent


After a short safety briefing, we “lift the anchor” from the beach of Nikopol and set off along the Danube. Some people describe it as white, for others, it is blue blue, but whatever the main color, there are definitely always silvery highlights that calm and make us cheerful. The program includes walks on one of the islands of Srednyak (the Middle Island), Gradina (the Garden), Lakut (the Elbow), and Katunara. It is next to one of these islands that we will have a picnic and tell you about the different fishing tackles and fishing techniques. We will make you feel and experience the fishing – our passion, hobby, profession, and life. All this will be accompanied by the views and sounds of the Danube and the fresh and delicious food served on our makeshift table.

On our return to the town of Nikopol, there will be a stop on the shore in front of the rock-hewn church “St. Stefan”, dug into the picturesque white limestones of the Nikopol plateau. It is a favorite photographers’ place.


The boat trip begins and ends at the beach of Nikopol – a convenient place to board our boats. There is a parking lot nearby, and in the summer there is a working fast food restaurant.