с лодка по дунав

about the Association

The Association Amur-Nikopol unites fishermen from the town of Nikopol under a common cause. Its main aim is to sustainably develop fishing practices in the Danube in harmony with environmental protection, local cultural and historical values. By booking a boat trip you directly help the fishing community in the town of Nikopol in preserving its way of life, essence, and centuries-old activity.


About the project

The following website is designed, published and maintained with the financial help of America for Bulgaria Foundation within a project aiming to develop the Municipality of Nikopol as a destination for alternative tourism. For centuries in the town of Nikopol lives an active fishing community with lively and interesting traditions. Naturally, one of the leading tourist activities that will be developed on the territory of the municipality is related to fishing and boat trips on the Danube. We would like to thank America for Bulgaria Foundation for its financial support and trust.